The Mustor Institute

High speed tactics, tools, templates, triggers and tricks…for everyone for evermore #!*?

7th September 2018

Dear All,

Please find here, high speed tactics, tools, templates, triggers and tricks that will help you achieve your goals and dreams faster than you ever thought possible.

They are free for everyone for evermore…no matter what your goals and dreams may be.  Even if they are diametrically opposed to mine.

Of note, I wrote these words in the sand today, and let the tide take them out to the world.  “FREE FOR EVERYONE FOR EVERMORE”.  They should with you by now.  The journey started way back in 1992…with the last pieces of the puzzle dropping into place this year.  The origin story and the backstory that lead to it, is part of a Special Executive Report & Seminar Online combo called “Business DNA Super Profit Secret Shortcuts”.  Basically it explains how the Mustor High Speed Business Mindset/System can be use for business, government and defense.  For details, just click here…>

This marks the release of the final full set. [MIS 1000-10000].

What’s the value of these tactics, tools, templates, triggers and tricks, I’m often asked. And rightly so. The answer is quite simple. It varies from person to person. PRICELESS to some. WORTHLESS to others. It’s only in their application will you determine their value to you….and your family.

Interestingly, their value is very quickly revealed when you need to fend off hungry wolves @ your door…barbarous barbarians @ your gate.  Speaking of rivals. Your competitors are YOUR TRUE TEACHERS not me. And boy do they love delivering their lessons at “The School of Hard Knocks”.  Smugly calling themselves “Doctors of Harsh Reality”.

Counter-parts too. Both your upstream regulators and clients; and downstream staff, suppliers, contractors, lawyers and consultants.

They are I believe self-evident and self-validating.  And as such, training in their use should not be needed.

However for a free quick start program of free instruction, seminars and presentations on how to quickly put them to good use, click here…>

With that, I wish you well…and good luck,


The creator…or better still, the sculptor who merely chiseled away the pieces to reveal the statue that has always been there.


aka Galactic Surfer Nate #!*?   For details on this pseudonym, pen name, click here…>


Please be careful with these tactics, for they are extremely powerful.


Should we meet one day, and you tell me that you too want to make the world a ‘better place’…make the ‘galaxy’ a better place, perhaps over a Coffee Cafe Analysis [CCA], then your coffee is on me. My choice, half-shot long-black in a tall glass with fresh pouring cream on the side. Speaking of CCA, it is another FREE training program available for you and your family. A large post-card sized real-life case study sent to your door each week…ready for your Coffee Cafe Analysis [CCA].  The case studies range across all types of business, government and defense dealings (& documents). The rule here is: FOR AS LONG AS IT TAKES TO DRINK YOUR COFFEE & NO LONGER – THEN GET UP AND WALK OUT. For a job begun is a job half done, ask my grandmother used to say.  This we have found, is one of the Executive Fast Tracks [EFT].  All I ask is that you cover the shipping cost.  For details, just click here…>